140-year anniversary

140 years – a piece of history in the world of needlework.

“ZWEIGART needlework fabrics” have been a familiar name for creative women for many years, standing for a brand-name product and guarantee of top quality. This year, we are celebrating our company’s 140th anniversary and will be looking back on 1877, the year of its establishment, when Paul Zweigart and Julius Sawitzki started up their own business in “shirtings, tailored, white goods, lining materials, etc.” At the beginning, we only worked with purely natural fibres such as cotton, linen, jute, hemp and wool, but chemical and synthetic fibres were introduced later. The transformation in technology went from dobby and punchcard-operated Jacquard loom to automatic weaving machines and high-performance, non-shuttle projectile and gripper looms

Over our long history as a family-owned company, we have withstood several economic crises, two world wars and one currency reform, and have always adjusted to the changing market with our new developments. Our product range has expanded continuously, as has our spectrum of services, since we already built an advanced high-performance dying facility in the early 1960s, modernised our sizing facility and kept all of our production operations state-of-the-art at all times. In the meantime, we distribute home textiles and high-grade needlework fabrics worldwide, from precise stramine to fine, shimmering damask.

As a full-fledged production facility, we dye, weave and refine our products in the town of Sindelfingen in southern Germany. There, where thousands of automobiles roll off the line each day and where Germany’s Silicon Valley is located, there is also a deep-rooted weaving tradition, and we produce many thousands of metres of textile in modern designs, colours and widths every day. We’re very picky about quality and weave with absolute precision so that the customers can embroidery with accuracy down to every last thread. And we already take easy-care washing of the finished fabric when we’re buying the yarn.

A broad collection of Aida fabrics, stramines, linen evenweave, consistent, textured and patterned evenweave fabrics in various stitch and thread counts and stylish colours – everything is created in our own design studio and produced with the greatest environmental awareness.

We also provide needlework ideas to complement the fabrics: New embroidery and crocheting ideas for all kinds of techniques appear on a regular basis.

Customers can also put on unembroidered ZWEIGART quality with our all-over damasks. The dots were the start of the all-over designs and are still one of the best-sellers today. This success story has inspired us to keep making new designs. One of the latest innovations is Everclean® – a table linen finish with super stain protection and non-iron table damasks. Thanks to “Hotel Line” contract table linen, ZWEIGART also appears on tables in hotels and restaurants.

With our new developments, the Jacquard weaving machine is pepping up the world of needlework and fabric once again, providing material for new ideas.

140 years of ZWEIGART & SAWITZKI. You’ll be excited to see what comes next!

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