Fabrics & Threads – Fall 2017!

New DMC yarns combined with matching ZWEIGART fabrics

Discover the new thread colours from DMC to match the latest Zweigart fabrics: classy grey and purple as well as embroidery thread in gentle brown create beautiful and harmonious colour combinations. The new yarns will be available from DMC as of 01 October.

Classy lavender colours

This refined colour combination of grey and purple hues set a modern stage for the “Lavendel” theme. Colour-coordinated ribbons and buttons tie the whole thing together.

Delicate shades of pink

The theme of this free embroidery is reflected on our “Murano Fleur” fabric. Made up of tiny blossoms, the all-over print sets no limits to the imagination when it comes to delicate embroideries.

Harmonious natural hues

Earthy shades of brown create a quiet harmony with tender hues of purple and berry. This colour scheme is perfect for accentuating berries, twigs and grasses.

This flyer gives you a review of all the new items for this fall and has information on our fabrics and DMC threads. Free embroidery charts (lavender, flowers & berries) can also be found in this flyer.

Have fun discovering!

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