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Typo Cushion

Your home is a place that you find comfortable and relaxing, right? Obviously, there should be a personalized cushion on your couch. ZWEIGART is committed to turning newcomers on to embroidery through easy projects. With its cheerful “Live Love Laugh” inscription and large cross-stitches, this trendy cushion can be made quickly with great results and is sure to be your home’s next eye-catcher. Let the cushion bring a smile to your face while enjoying cozy evenings on your couch!

Instructions and download for the project are available on our DIY page – simply follow the link.

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"Emotions” designer booklet

New material for your ideas: Discover embroidered emotions!

Do you love to stitch? Then you’ll be excited to see the second issue of our “Designer Creations.” Once again, we’ve invited great designers from all over the world to express their ideas and emotions on ZWEIGART fabrics. A big round of thanks for that!

The models and designs for the “Emotions” motifs were developed by the following designers: Ulrike Blotzheim with a lavender creation, Magarete Grandjot with modern floral patterns on a pillow, Nathalie Cichon with a heart image, Rossana Gallo with a “Happy with my Cat” portrait, Sara Guermani with an embroidered family portrait, Judy Whitman with a playful love pillow, Marylise Grospeaud with a heart-shaped picture, Cécile Merdrignac with an adorable pink picture of a child, Alessandrea Adelaide Beretta with a “key to the heart” picture, Susanne Schmidt with a modern-styled  “Hope” picture, Soizic Vanney Gatneau with a Parisian-style picture and Isabelle Mazabraud with a traditional rose picture.

Let your imagination run wild with the wide array of unusual designs. We wish you lots of fun with your own embroidery creations!

Ask your nearest specialty dealer about buying the book!

“Home” designer booklet

Discover embroidered works all about the home!

The “Home Designer Creations” booklet was created as our first edition, and, as the name implies, focused on the household. Twelve famous designers have designed their own works fitting for this topic, and we are using them to arose people’s interest in embroidery on ZWEIGART fabrics. Thank you very much for the great designs!

The models and designs for the “Home” topic were developed by the following designers: Martina Dey with a traditionally embroidered pincushion, Catherine “Madame la Fée” with a “Sweet Home” picture, Marielle Zang Pujol with a picture of a house and a sewing kit, Maria Suarez with a picture of idyllic houses, Carolina Primi with two sewn pictures of embroidered hearts, Ingo Weisbarth with a white pillow and black climbing roses, Lesley Taere with an adorable “Home Sweet Home” picture, Maria Diaz with a pictorial composition of flowers, Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier with a brilliant picture of a row of houses, Maryléne Verstaete with an alphabet-embroidered pillow, Caroline Cantieni “Lilipoints” with a pillow bearing a modern-style “Sweet Home” inscription, Brigitte Bellet “Couleur d´Étoile” with a finely embroidered image of an idyllic country house, and Jennifer Lentini with a wooden-framed picture.

You’ll also discover the ideas of international designers in this book.

We wish you lots of fun with your own embroidery creations!