Get creative on your own – with fabrics from ZWEIGART!

Embroidery is more than just a hobby: it gives everyone the chance to discover themselves and give their own creativity free reign.

In a world that won’t slow down and everyone and everything is in constant flux, many people want to return to the home-made and permanent. Who doesn’t know it? Everyday stress makes it hard for people to take time for themselves and relax. In addition to the inventive and creative aspect, the joy of making things oneself and the feeling of having created something unique, embroidery offers one thing above all: 

tranquillity and recuperation from the everyday stress.  Embroidery puts all of one’s attention on oneself and the work they’re creating, allowing a chance to switch off and set the everyday stress aside and forget one’s surroundings for a moment. Embroidery is yoga for the soil.

News Flyer 09/2016

Examples of major themes in our new embroidery ideas booklets include autumn with forest animals, tempting candy & sweets with two new matching colours in pink & turquoise, as well as numerous new alphabets.
We have made the PDF version of our novelty flyer available so that you can browse through it with ease.


Typo Cushion

Your home is a place that you find comfortable and relaxing, right? Obviously, there should be a personalized cushion on your couch. ZWEIGART is committed to turning newcomers on to embroidery through easy projects. With its cheerful “Live Love Laugh” inscription and large cross-stitches, this trendy cushion can be made quickly with great results and is sure to be your home’s next eye-catcher. Let the cushion bring a smile to your face while enjoying cozy evenings on your couch!

Instructions and download for the project are available on our DIY page – simply follow the link.

Let’s go!

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Never tried embroidery before?

Or have you got any general questions on embroidery stitches, embroidery fabrics and technique? Here are the answers.
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Needlework fabrics

From purchasing the selected source materials, dying the yarn and grey fabric, weaving on state-of-the-art dobby and Jacquard machines to the finishing and refinement process, every production step is carried out in-house at ZWEIGART.

All evenweave fabrics are needlework textiles which are suitable for counted embroidery. They are mostly open-weave, have a clear surface structure and are square, so that warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same.
Furthermore, most needlework fabrics are finished a bit more firmly than usual, making embroidery much easier. This thick finish dissipates after being washed and the fabric becomes softer.
It can generally be said that needlework fabrics should be of particularly good quality so that time-consuming handwork will end up successful and retain its beauty longer. It also makes handling fine materials more fun. And with ZWEIGART needlework fabrics, this is always the top priority.

Sticken auf Aida - Pferde & Reiten

Sticken auf Aida – Pferde & Reiten


One for all

Embroidery beginners trust Aida.

Developed and patented by ZWEIGART in 1907, this special weave makes child’s play out of stitch counting thanks to its clearly recognisable squares.

With 2.5 to 8 stiches per cm, experts also appreciate the wide-ranging possibilities this beloved classic has to offer.

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Sticken auf Leinen - Herbstmotive

Sticken auf Leinen – Herbstmotive



Linen is a fine fabric of high regard.

Its smooth surface, cool feel to the touch and fine, natural flax-fibre texture have made it a worldwide hit.

With over 17 types in counts ranging from 5.5 to 22 threads per centimetre, we offer a wide range of qualities, from coarse to almost transparent, in classic solid colours to printed in Vintage & Petit Point.

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Sticken auf Zählstoffen - Bunte Durchfädeltechnik

Sticken auf Zählstoffen – Bunte Durchfädeltechnik


Absolutely on the square

Reliable counting is the be all and end all of high-grade evenweave.

Our textured and uniform fabrics in 5.6 to 12.6 threads per centimetre are woven exactly on the square, so their warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same.

The result: embroidery on Zweigart fabrics turns out perfectly!

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Sticken auf gemusterten Zählstoffen

Sticken auf gemusterten Zählstoffen


Embroidered or not 

Chequered, striped, colour-in-colour, with even-weave structure or integrated areas for embroidering, with borders and motifs:

Our patterned even-weave fabrics incorporate the latest home trends and never fail to inspire you with new ideas for your needlework.


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Sticken - Freie Stickerei Mohnblumen

Sticken – Freie Stickerei Mohnblumen


For something special

Embroiderers have a special appreciation for free embroidery techniques, ranging from white work, coloured embroidery, needle painting, and shadow stitch.

These require a closely woven, fine-thread fabric background, as do our high-grade linen and cotton fabrics, which are ideal for iron-ons and pre-traced embroidery designs.

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Sticken mit Waste Canvas - Kindermotive

Sticken mit Waste Canvas – Kindermotive


Rigid yet flexible

As different as fine tapestry and coarse knotted carpets are, they do have one thing in common: canvas.

We make ours in single and double-thread, as well as gauze – in white, natural and with coloured counting patterns.

For embroidery on clothing, the canvas is overstitched and then pulled.

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Damast zum Besticken

Damast zum Besticken


Classic and elegant

Our time-tested Jacquard table damasks made of 55% cotton and 45% rayon is also made with Aida embroidery surfaces.

This allows you to embroider your holiday tablecloths to match the colours of your porcelain décor or living room.


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Our latest embroidery idea booklets

Embroidery and crocheting ideas: Over 200 booklets

Our ideas booklets will kickstart your needlework. They give you motivation, suggestions and ideas for gifts at the same time. The booklets are arranged for various materials with topics and techniques such as handmade fabrics and techniques such as cross-stitch, Hardanger, barleycorn, myreshka, hemstitching, Ajour, free embroidery and crocheting. The embroidery idea booklets are available in A5 format with 4 – 28 pages. You will find detailed worksheets in the embroidery ideas booklets for special techniques such as Hardanger and eyelet.

Sticken auf Handarbeitsstoffen von ZWEIGART - Stickidee Tiere
Festival / No. 288

Fall is in the air!
Owls are still a very popular motif, so we couldn’t leave them out of our new embroidery ideas booklet about forest animals. Our bright and airy colours add a very modern touch to the theme. For those who prefer an autumnal setting, they can use small embroidery frames to embroider a photo collage of sweet wild animals or sew a cuddly blanket and cushion.

Sticken auf Handarbeitsstoffen von ZWEIGART - Stickidee Candy & Sweets
Candy & Sweets / No. 289

Treats for the sweet tooth!
Sweets, chocolates and pastries – a great topic all year round.
The embroidered models of our new embroidery ideas booklet ‘Candy & Sweets’ bring bright colours into every home and tempt almost everyone to sneak a snack. A few of the models can also be filled with sweets and given as a small gift to friends and family.

Sticken auf Handarbeitsstoffen von ZWEIGART - Stickidee Alphabete 290
Alphabete / No. 290

Embroidered messages!

Letters form the world of words. What would words be without beautiful letters? We have designed numerous alphabets for every taste in our new embroidery ideas booklet, ‘Alphabets.’ This allows embroideries to be easily customised with names, small messages or initials.

More exciting products

Sticken - Precuts

Sticken – Precuts


On the fly

Precuts are great for embroidery when you’re in a hurry! The high-grade ready-made packages contain cuts of fabric with colourful patterns for pictures, maps, sets, cushions or runners. Our Precuts range includes the popular evenweave fabrics Lugana and Murano and linen grades, Belfast, Cashel and Edinburgh in sizes 48 x 68 cm, as well as 4 Aida fabrics (5.4 to 6.4 – 7 + 8 stitches) in 48 x 53 cm. The entire range of colours from all articles is also available as precut fabric.

To whet your appetite and get you going, we’ve included three different colourful patterns on the inside of the Precuts packaging insert: rose motifs for the evenweave fabric, garden motifs for the linen, and a marine ABC for the Aidas.

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Sticken - Bänder & Spitzen

Sticken – Bänder & Spitzen


Finest filigree – for decoration and handicrafts

Bobbin lace production is a miraculous process. Countless bobbins rotate rapidly in our machines to create the filigree works of art. The result: delicate lace edgings 10 to 58 mm wide that are the crowning glory for our fabrics and damasks.

Our linen and Aida lace is more than just popular table décor. Available in widths from 10 to 195 mm, they inspire creative craft ideas and some lace ends up as gift wrap or florist deco, little bags, wall hangings, or Advent calendars.

You will find many suggestions for models in our embroidery ideas booklets.

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Unlimited possibilities of shapes

To crochet together or crochet around? There’s no question about that here!

Whether as individual items or as crochet patchwork, crochet shapes are a popular handicraft which is growing in popularity.  From table décor to cosmetic bags, there are many ideas which can be conjured up from a wide variety of crochet shapes.

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Sticken -konfektionierte Artikel - bestickte Tischdecke mit Blumenmotiven

Sticken – konfektionierte Artikel – Tischdecke


A good complement for embroidery and handicrafts

To complement our classic yard fabrics, we also have ready-made sewn and bordered napkins, blankets and partner sets/runners. Embroidered or not, these are always nice to look at. We embroider terry towels in all sizes and baby bibs for a personal gift.  There is plenty of space on our woven Aida stitch surface for names or small embroidered motifs.

White hearts with embroidered borders in white, gold or silver, size: 25 x 25 cm made of 100% linen or 52% cotton/48% rayon. Individually embroidered items always make a special gift – whether for a wedding or Mother’s Day. Needlework suggestions for these items can be found in Needlework Ideas No. 104/248.

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Sticken - Kinderstickpackungen

Sticken – Kinderstickpackungen


Needlework kits for kids and grown-ups

Complete needlework kits with printed canvas and embroidery thread, needles and patterns. Tapestries, runners, cushions, embroidered bags and greeting cards: whether you want something modern, with floral patterns or landscape designs, Christmas and Easter motifs, we have the right needlework kit for everyone.

“My first embroidery” – special needlework kits for children with funny motifs for young ones getting into needlework!

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