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MADE IN GERMANY – Highest quality standards since 1877

Are you looking for high-quality contract textiles? Then you’ve come to the right place with ZWEIGART.

Zweigart & Sawitzki GmbH & Co. KG has been running since 1877. As a full-fledged production enterprise with our own in-house weaving, dyeing, finishing and packaging, ZWEIGART is one of the only manufacturers in Europe that still has all the reigns in its hand – all the way to sales. ZWEIGART supplies hotels, restaurants, retirement homes and residences, hospitals, shipping companies… and maybe even you! Our range of table linen encompasses a broad selection of Jacquard damask textiles (measured and all-over) as well as uni and textured fabrics. ZWEIGART also offers a wide range of tried-and-tested bed linen, terry towels and kitchen linen.

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Zweigart & Sawitzki GmbH & Co. KG
Fronäckerstraße 50
71063 Sindelfingen

Telephone: (0 70 31) 795 – ??
Fax: + 49 7031 795 476

We weave contract fabrics made of Trevira CS, FR yarns, polyester, cotton, linen and various mixtures thereof on our state-of-the-art dobby and Jacquard weaving machines. Our service includes the development and coloration of new designs. We can also weave in or embroider logos. This enables us to react to individual customer requests quickly, flexibly and dependably. We will also be glad to develop your desired décor fabric. Get in touch with us! We will cater to your every need.