ZWEIGART – unparalleled creativity for unique home-made pieces.

Die Weberei ZWEIGART in Sindelfingen - das Gebäude um 1877

ZWEIGART was founded in 1877 and has specialised for over 135 years in developing and producing fabric which meets the highest quality standards. The high-grade, easy-care materials are produced exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany. From purchasing the selected source materials, dying the yarn and grey fabric, weaving on state-of-the-art dobby and Jacquard machines to the finishing and refinement process, every production step is carried out in-house at Zweigart.

The designs too are drafted in the company’s own atelier. Our hand-made textiles are exported worldwide and are easily recognized from our trademark ORANGE LINE, an orange thread woven into the selvedge.


ZWEIGART offers a diverse product range which sets itself apart thanks to its wide variety of qualities, numbers of stitches, fashionable colours and designs. The collection is continuously updated for the latest trends. Our highly variegated range of special textiles for do-it-yourself needle work comprises approx. 2,500 fabrics. If you include colours and special designs, this figure rises to about 6,000 different articles. We thus offer the basis for the widest variety of embroidery and pay close attention to ensure the finest quality of the materials which we work with. Product controls are integrated into the production process in order to detect and rectify flaws ahead of time. Finally, our ISO 9001 certification ensures consistently high quality.

Die Weberei ZWEIGART - Marke


  • Over 135 years of experience
  • Highest brand awareness worldwide
  • Fabrics for all embroidery techniques
  • First choice for the world’s most famous designers
  • Maximum value retention and brand recognition
Die Weberei ZWEIGART - Innovation


  • Innovations on a regular basis
  • In-house design studio
  • Inventor of the world-famous AIDA fabric
  • Cooperation with leading designers and embroidery magazines
  • Leading provider of progressive fabric finishes
Die Weberei ZWEIGART - Qualität


  • High-quality production in Germany
  • Fully integrated production
  • The international standard in quality and selection
  • Top-notch raw materials
  • Thorough visual inspection
  • In-house testing laboratory
  • ISO 9001 certification
Die Weberei ZWEIGART - Vielfältigkeit


  • The largest collection selection in the world
  • Customer-specific products
  • Wide range of colors
  • Huge number of embroidery idea booklets from our own design studio
Die Weberei ZWEIGART - Präzision


  • Long-term supplier relations
  • Fast availability of all catalogue and warehouse items
  • Competent and dependable service
  • Uncomplicated complaint handling
  • 100% color conformity