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Practically and handily packaged, ZWEIGART® precuts enable a huge selection of our most popular evenweave fabrics, linens and AIDAs can be presented in a tiny sales space. The individual precut packages contain a precut fabric of the item in question and a free charge on the inside of the insert. They are ideal for brick-and-mortar stores as well as online sales.

Dots & Everclean

Our all-over “Dots” design is the absolute classic of our damasks. Its simple spots make it suitable for any occasion and a classy highlight on any table. Other attractive designs – including seasonal patterns – round out our range of damasks.

ZWEIGART® damasks are made using the Jacquard technique and their woven-in viscose threads give them a nice and shiny surface. The easy-care material is composed of 55% cotton and 45% rayon. Our “Everclean” is a particular highlight: A special anti-stain finish which causes liquids to roll off the material so that they can easily be wiped off of the tablecloth. Stains which have already dried in can be brushed out or – in tough cases – gently removed with a 30° wash. Damasks with Everclean finish must be hot-ironed after washing in order to maintain this effect. The Easy-Care finish, on the other hand, easy low maintenance and above all easy to iron.

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