ZWEIGART® – The weaving company for high-quality fabric

As a traditional enterprise with full-fledged production, we’ve put our passion into developing and producing high-grade needlework fabrics and damasks – since 1877. Made in Germany is the principle we’ve worked under and taken great pride in since the very outset. The high-grade, easy-care materials are produced exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany. The name ZWEIGART® stands for top quality.

Weaving expertise since 1877

We have specialised in developing fabrics which meet the greatest quality demands since our company was founded in 1877. We offer a diverse product range which sets itself apart thanks to its wide variety of qualities, numbers of stitches, fashionable colours and designs. From purchasing the selected source materials, dying the yarn and grey fabric, weaving on state-of-the-art dobby and Jacquard machines to the finishing and refinement process, every production step is carried out in-house at Zweigart. The designs too are drafted in the company’s own design studio. Our trademark is the ORANGE LINE – an orange thread woven into the edge of all the needlework fabrics.