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Embroidery is more than just a hobby: it gives everyone the chance to discover themselves and give their own creativity free reign. In addition to the inventive and creative aspect, the joy of making things oneself and the feeling of having created something unique, embroidery offers one thing above all: tranquillity and recuperation from the everyday stress.  Embroidery puts all of one’s attention on oneself and the work they’re creating, allowing a chance to switch off and set the everyday stress aside and forget one’s surroundings for a moment. Embroidery is yoga for the soil.


Creative ideas give inspirations for trendy DIY projects with embroidery, crocheting and sewing. Thanks to the unique versatility of ZWEIGART® fabrics in countless colours, your own creativity knows no bounds. Little A5 booklets with ideas and instructions on various themes make it easy to get beautiful results – even for beginners.

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The embroidery idea booklets are available in A5 or A4 format. You will find detailed worksheets in the embroidery ideas booklets for special techniques such as Hardanger and eyelet.


The largest collection selection in the world

All embroidery is based on needlework fabrics, upon which any desired embroidery technique can be put into practice. They have a clear surface structure and are square, so that warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same.

The most important feature of ZWEIGART® needlework fabrics is its outstanding countability, which is achieved by high-precision weaving. This is especially important for cross-stitch motifs. Embroidery on needlework fabrics usually involves counting, that is, the embroidery is done with one to two mesh threads. Nearly all of our needlework fabrics have a firm finish, making it easy to embroider even without a frame. The fabrics get soft after being washed, but they may also shrink a bit – this should be kept in mind. This rule generally holds true for embroidered fabrics: Always observe the care instructions for the threads used.

We offer a diverse range of needlework fabrics, such as Aidas, linen and evenweave, as well as a broad, fashionable colour palette. The collection is continuously updated for the latest trends.

Countless products

In addition to our needlework fabrics, damasks for embroidery and stramines, we also offer further items for needlework such as ribbons and lace, crochet shapes and needlework kits.

High quality

From purchasing the selected source materials, dying the yarn and grey fabric, weaving on state-of-the-art dobby and Jacquard machines to the finishing and refinement process, every production step is carried out 100% in-house at ZWEIGART®. Our trademark is the ORANGE LINE – an orange-coloured thread in the selvedge of all ZWEIGART® fabrics. This is our sign for best quality, i.e. state-of-the-art fabrics that are colourfast, easy-care and absolutely precise in the weaving. That’s ZWEIGART® “Made in Germany.” The needlework fabrics from our weaving company are exported worldwide.

Feel-good fabrics

Superlative quality and responsible resource management – a philosophy ZWEIGART® has practiced since 1877. We at ZWEIGART® firmly believe that sustainability must be put into practice actively so as to contribute to the conscientious use of resources. We have endeavoured to live up to these requirements on a daily basis for over 140 years.


… a durable material

potato starch

… an excellent adhesive


… a noble fiber

The manufacturing process plays a decisive role in terms of the environment and use of resources, especially with textiles. ZWEIGART® places great value in responsible interaction with people and the environment, which is why we pay great attention to high-grade, sustainable raw materials at the purchasing stage in order to achieve the best and most environmentally friendly results possible during production.

Our goal is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved all the way to the end consumer thanks to an efficient product chain and the good quality that results.As a German weaving enterprise with decades of experience in manufacturing top-grade needlework fabrics and textiles of various kinds, ZWEIGART® is extremely conscious of the environment and the conditions under which our fabrics and products are made.