In order to make sure every embroidery project yields a perfect result, one thing counts with our evenweave fabrics above all: an absolutely consistent and squarely woven end product. We offer a unique range of 7 to 16-thread cotton and blended fabrics in a large selection of colours.


In addition to high-grade linen fabrics, ZWEIGART® evenweaves are also available in easy-care cotton and blended fabrics. Their smooth and pleasant surface texture set them apart. The combination of cotton and modal as well as the use of effect threads make our evenweaves a special highlight.
They are woven exactly on the square in plain weave, so their warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same. They are perfectly well-suited for counted embroidery, for which the fabric absolutely must be square. Moreover, our evenweave fabrics have a firm finish, which makes it much easier to embroider without a frame.

Easy Count Grid is a counting help which is incorporated in the fabric and which disappears after washing. The woven-in, 10-stitch grid corresponds exactly to the pattern chart.

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