There are no limits to one’s own creativity when it comes to freetyle embroidery. Fine-threaded needlework fabrics with high thread density like our high-grade linen and cotton fabrics are especially good for this delicate embroidery work. Classic freehand embroidery techniques include white work, coloured embroidery, needle painting, and shadow stitch. Even beginners enjoy freestyle embroidery, since there is no need to count out the cross-stitch motifs.


Freestyle embroidery is highly individual, easy to learn and offers unlimited creativity. Many different decorative stitches can be combined in this embroidery technique and yield an artistic total overall work. Needles with a point whose fineness matches fabric and the embroidery thread are used for this non-counted embroidery work. A wash-out fleece or iron-on transfer sheet can be used to easily trace embroidery patterns. When using wash-out fleece, the motifs are traced with a pencil onto a piece of fleece, which is then affixed in the right place on the fabric with a couple of stitches and the drawn motifs are outlined. After being embroidered, the fabric is softened in water until the fleece has dissolved completely, then left to dry and is finally ironed smooth. Then the embroidered fabric can be creatively worked on further.

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