Patchwork – materials for creative patching, quilting, handicrafts and decorations

The origin of patchwork

Patchwork was originally done just to mend fabrics. It refers to a technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a large surface of geometric patterns. This technique can be found in many cultures in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Patchwork sewing was originally used to make new blankets, garments, bags, pillows, tents, tapestries and much more out of many small pieces of fabric such as rags and worn-out clothing. In America, the trend remains to this day of meeting in sewing groups and creating unique patchwork articles together.

Patchwork is made up of three layers of textiles: the patchwork top with the patchwork pattern, the filling and the back side.  Patchwork pieces have to be quilted so that the individual layers won’t shift during use or when being washed. However, quilts are also used as decoration, in which case the art lies in creating various vivid patterns out of these three layers.

Our exclusive partners

Patchwork fabrics from world-famous manufacturers are sold in Germany and Austria exclusively by Zweigart. Our exclusive partners include Benartex, Riley Blake, Penny Rose and Susybee.

Patchwork Exklusiv Partner von ZWEIGART - Benartex
Benartex is a leading supplier of tasteful cotton prints. Benartex aims to provide the creative world with a wide selection of beautiful materials for fun and imaginative designs, great home decoration ideas and quilts.
Patchwork Exklusiv Partner von ZWEIGART - Riley Blake
Riley Blake Designs is an innovative fabric producer. Inspired by local and international artists, the company designs vintage and modern-style fabrics. The fabrics offer impressively diverse colours and patterns – an exciting combination of lively and reserved.
Patchwork Exklusiv Partner von ZWEIGART - Penny Rose Fabrics
Penny Rose Fabrics’ collections stand out thanks to the playful and romantic designs of the fabric prints. The materials can be used to create impressive quilts, which is why Penny Rose inspires quilters above all with these timeless patchwork materials.
Patchwork Exklusiv Partner von ZWEIGART - Susybee
Susybee’s fabrics are made for children's hearts: Charming characters bring an amusing troop of animals to life and conjures up a smile on the faces of children and grown-ups alike. The special thing about the fabrics is that the coordinates for many of the animal collections can be combined.

Further big-name manufacturers

We also work with more renowned manufacturers beyond that. What’s more, we carry the latest collections from Makower, as well as selected collections from Red Rooster, Quilting Treasures, Blend Fabrics, RJR, Spectrix and P&B Textiles. And we keep our Basics collection of uni-fabrics and imitation unis in stock as a matter of course.

You can find out about our entire collection of patchwork materials at our online shop – even if you’re the end consumer. The fabrics are available from specialty retailers in your area or from online dealers. All specialty dealers can log in to our online shop and order directly. Our sales force will be glad to show you our latest collections in person – arrange an appointment now.



We carry a wide range of uni and small-patterned fabrics under our Basics label. These fabrics are in stock and available immediately. Further Basics designs can be found in our online shop. Fabric width: approx. 115 cm, unis in 10m lengths, small-patterned designs in 5m lengths, 100% cotton.

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Fat Quarters


We carry packages of 8 colour-sorted fabrics under this label. The fabrics are pre-cut to 55 x 45 cm in size. We compile new Fat Quarters on a regular basis – sorted into categories such as floral, children’s, Christmas, etc. Keep coming back to have a look!

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