Patchwork – materials for creative patching, quilting & decorations

Patchwork was originally done just to mend fabrics. It refers to a technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a large surface of geometric patterns. Patchwork is made up of three layers of textiles: the patchwork top with the patchwork pattern, the filling and the back side.  Patchwork pieces have to be quilted so that the individual layers won’t shift during use or when being washed. However, quilts are also used as decoration, in which case the art lies in creating various vivid patterns out of these three layers.


High-quality cottons from big-name manufacturers and exclusive partners allow a nearly unlimited selection of different colours and motifs. They run the gamut from classic to floral, modern and patterned to motifs for children and seasonal themes. We always offer colour-coordinated supplementary materials for our collections, available in a make-up of approx. 6 metres. We also offer packages of pre-cut fabric for quilters.

British patchwork supplier Lewis & amp; Irene is a new exclusive partner and has a dedicated design team that is inspired by adventures and life experiences over and over again and translates nature and stories into high-quality cotton fabrics.

Benartex is a leading supplier of high-grade, modern cotton fabrics. Its three styles, Benartex, Kanvas and Contempo, cover a wide range of diverse designs for beautiful sewing and decoration ideas, as well as fashion.

Clothworks produces fabrics for all sewing enthusiasts. Fresh, bold and full of variety – the high-quality fabrics speak for themselves. The talented designers from many different industries bring designs with countless themes to life.

The fabric designs from EQP are designed by Ellen Remijnse and display her predilection for antique quilts and modern, European-inspired patterns. In addition to classic quilts, the fabrics are also ideal for fashion and apparel.

Susybee’s fabrics are made for children’s hearts: Many different characters bring an amusing group of animals to life and conjures up a smile on the faces of children and grown-ups alike. The supplementary fabrics are colour-coordinated to all collections.

Riley Blake Designs is an innovative fabric manufacturer. Inspired by local and international artists, the fabrics by Riley Blake are designed and designed in a vintage & modern style.

We exclusively sell fashionable patchwork and cotton fabrics from well-known manufacturers in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Our exclusive partners include Benartex, Riley Blake, EQP, Clothworks, Lewis & Irene and Susybee. We also work with other well-known manufacturers. We also carry the current Makower collections as well as selected collections from Quilting Treasures and Liberty Fabrics.

Basics & Fat Quaters


We carry a wide range of uni and small-patterned fabrics under our Basics label. These fabrics are in stock and available immediately. Further Basics designs can be found in our online shop.

Fabric width: approx. 115 cm, unis in 10m lengths, small-patterned designs in 5m lengths, 100% cotton.


We carry packages of 8 colour-sorted fabrics under this label. The fabrics are pre-cut to 55 x 45 cm in size.

We compile new Fat Quarters on a regular basis – sorted into categories such as floral, children’s, Christmas, etc. Keep coming back to have a look!