The “punch needle” technique was originally developed in the USA from the “rug hooking” technique.
The punch needle is a hollow decorative stitching needle with which the thread is embroidered onto the fabric from the top. This creates loops on the back side, in which the height of the loop is determined by the height of the needle.
The terms “front side” and “back side” are not used with this technique, since both sides can be used as the front side and combined with one another. With the punch needle, one works on the “flat side,” while the “loop side” forms on the back side. The flat side is much clearer and more detailed in image. The loop side, on the other hand, is softer yet also more robust.

Whether cushion cover, bag, mural or even mini carpet – with the Punchnadel you can let your creativity run wild and create beautiful patterns, shapes, pictures or letters.
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